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Gym Jedi are proud to be the exclusive UK Agents of Xenios USA® Products

Xenios USA® company focuses on development, production and marketing of professional workout tools for those who like to play with Functional Training , Fitness, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Strength and Conditioning.

The road to the fittest is made of heavy duty workouts and so the equipment needs to be able to bear such kind of severe training sessions. 

For All UK Enquiries contact UK@xeniosusa.com


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X Rig Stations 

.Dream your rig and it will come true here!

The XRIG™ series was born to provide a never-ending range of items thought to build-up any kind of XRIG™ station. Besides all the pre-set configurations drawn by our R&D Department, customers could be able to choose among dozens of parts and options so to really have their own station. When a customer gets in touch with our sales team and he needs to be assisted with the drawing of his own station, our XRIG™ team of product’s designers draw the station according to customer’s needs and provide to them the final 3D drawing with all the main specs and sizes.

(Information on Product Testing and Standards available via this link)


UK Sales Enquiries

.For all UK Sales enquiries contact UK@xeniosusa.com